Islamically Informed Psychodynamic Therapy

Individual Therapy

Looking for deep rooted psychodynamic therapy through an Islamic lens? We offer Face-to-Face and online sessions for adults / young adults and children.

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Couples Therapy

Need support understanding your spouse? Dealing with conflict? On the verge of separation? Or wanting Pre-marital counselling?

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Struggling with conflict at home? We offer mediation sessions through a psychodynamic approach looking at the deep rooted challenges and help you come to resolve.

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Marriage package - learn about your unconscious drives, needs, communication and conflict resolution style. Parenting seem scary - take a look at your parenting style and understand more about children and how you can work on parts of yourself to support your children.

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Inside My Psyche

A one off assessment deep diving into elements of your mind from an analytical lens.

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Mind & Body

Take a look at our work with Functional medicine practitioner to understand your mind and body through the use of advanced gut testing / DNA testing or Hormones tests.

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Why islamic counselling? image
السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

As-salamu alaykum warahmatu 'llahi wabarakatuhu,

I pray you are in the best state of health, and Imaan Ameen.

Saha Wellbeing is a doctoral-level, faith-based psychotherapy service, that embraces spirituality and uses Islamic principles at the heart of everything we deliver.

It may come as no surprise that for a religious group under continuous scrutiny, a profound lack of knowledge surrounding our beliefs and values can lead to barriers in clinical settings.

Saha Wellbeing Service values spirituality and believes in its potential for helping clients to face their problems and overcome obstacles. In addition, we work through the struggles commonly encountered by Muslim minorities living in the West. Therefore, we are mindful of the cultural issues that are entwined with the religious struggles that many Muslims face daily.

Upon completing a doctorate in clinical and counselling psychology in London, I experienced the huge sense of unfulfillment shared by my associates: we knew something was missing, something fundamental!

Searching for this missing piece led us on a journey to complete further training and courses on a crucial part of Muslim identity: being a part of one Ummah (community of believers).

Islamic Psychology...

Islamic psychology allows for the exploration of an individual’s behaviours, emotions and mental processes while uncovering aspects of their soul, spirituality and faith. We offer a holistic approach to psychotherapy and counselling that is considerate to your faith. We see exploring faith and spiritual beliefs as a positive factor in any believer's health and well-being.

Benefits of this approach...

This approach allows for an Islamic perspective to be added to your reflections as you are guided through your journey. Our aim in using Islamic psychotherapy is for the individual to bring their past to the surface, uncover unique options, and reflect on the person they wish to become in a safe and non-judgmental space alongside our skilled doctors.

This page is for anyone facing struggles that have led them to find their way here...                

I make dua (a prayer) that Allah ﷻ eases your pain, uses your hardship to purify your sins and brings you closer to him. I pray you are surrounded by righteous people who love and care for you, for the sake of Allah ﷻ. I pray you forever keep hope alive and know that the almighty Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim is always there for us to turn to. Lastly, I make sincere Dua for us all to be reunited in Jannah. Ameen.